If I talk about all the great things about the holidays (such as having your family and friends around to celebrate with good food and good times), chances are you’re already thinking about goodies baking in the oven, jingle bells ringing, maybe a chill in the air and snow on the trees!

Holiday Cookies

So what does that say? That our senses are a big part of our experiences! And it doesn’t just work at the end of the year. I could mention hot sand on your feet in the summer, the crunch of autumn leaves under your feet or reaching for a frosty drink in your cold fridge.

These are all real, sensory experiences that we know beyond knowing… somewhere between memory and imagination, first-hand and universal, we feel these experiences. And that’s just what Mood Media is here to create.

We combine sights and sounds and scents with story-telling to give your customers more of an experience. Music, visuals, scents, on-hold, on-site messaging and more all combine to go beyond making your customers at home in your surroundings… they’ll actually take their experience home with them! When your brand speaks to your customers from a very real place, with honesty and consistency, the relationship they feel is very exciting. And very rewarding. For both them and you.

If you’d like to get some ideas about attracting and keeping more customers, and becoming part of the experience they’re seeking, just contact us to get started!

And hey, if you have any good holiday recipes for some of us bakers around the office, share them with us in the comments below!

– Submitted by Jon Vaden, Voice