Christmas in August!

Seasonal Messaging

Okay, maybe you’re not thinking about Christmas just yet, but updating with the change of seasons should be on your radar.

As summer winds down and we begin to usher in a new season of cooler weather, we also welcome a big shift in marketing and messaging. Things around the Voice department really start to gear up around the fall season as holiday production orders begin to trickle in. That trickle becomes a steady stream and, before we know it, we are having Thanksgiving turkey and planning our Black Friday shopping routes!

Staying ahead of the curve is always advised when it comes to updating your messages – even more so heading into the holidays. Although there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” time to update, sooner is better! If you receive your seasonal messaging via physical media, you can place your order now and be confident that you have your disc ready to load once the holidays come around. Most satellite and network updated devices allow for scheduling months in advance, so why not take advantage? With so many things to do, imagine checking off an item from your Holiday to-do list TODAY and being set through December!

While not every message has to mention Columbus Day or Santa and his reindeer, there are many ways to dress your newest set of messages in the blissful feelings of the changing seasons and share that experience with your customers. Personally, autumn delights my senses on all levels: breathing in the crisp morning air deeply and intently, watching the treetop colors transform week to week, listening to the leaves rustle in the evening breeze. My inner child delights with memories of the smell of my mother’s home, watching football with my father and brother, back to school shopping, and celebrating with family.

If the creative bug has yet to bite you, why not allow us to take the guess work out of your messaging? We have messages in our Voice Design production portal that are prewritten for your use. Voice Design is our user-friendly, interactive site which allows Voice customers to place and track orders, audition voice styles, select music beds, and so much more. Our copywriters are currently refreshing the General Message and Message of the Month catalogs with perfect timing for the holidays. These catalog messages are a great resource for building your order when you need a fresh approach to your messages. We just made it that much easier!

Hopefully your mind has now turned to staying ahead of the curve and getting your messages updated today. Jot it on your todo list, visit your Voice Design account for inspiration – just remember how joyful times of change can be, and get inspired to get fresh content to your customers – early!

The Voice department looks forward to welcoming in the holidays with you!

Here are some dates to remember and highlight:

September – Fall, Back to School
October – Fall, Columbus Day, Halloween
November – Daylight Savings, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday
December – Winter, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve

– Submitted by Amanda Rodriguez, Voice