Creating Holiday Messaging is one of the easiest ways to add a personal & festive ambiance to your business. It’s a simple touch that can really transform your customer’s mindset and give them fresh take on your Holiday offerings. After seeing Holiday orders start to come into production, I was inspired to share my own seasonal messaging tips.

Happy Holidays

If you are not familiar with Holiday Messaging, it is a festive take on your already custom messaging. Perhaps this year your company is offering special extended holiday hours? Or you need to remind shoppers of your BIG door buster sale and your even lower loan rates offered till the end of the year? It’s easy to create and add a Holiday Message or music bed into your current Voice Production.

Since messaging information ranges in all sorts of categories and options, it’s easy to use it to customize your customer’s experience. I recommend following the tips below, but you can be creative and add the Voice options that best match your business’ Holiday style.

Holiday Shopper

1. Clear the Clutter – Create simple messages that highlight the promotions you’ll be offering before the New Year. Include only necessary information like the dates of the event or sales and the enticing factors that will draw everyone to your store or website.

2. Keep Away the Grinch – Use positive descriptive words with a Holiday spin to keep everyone’s spirits high. A good way to incorporate this tip is to take the opportunity to switch out your go to adjectives or adverbs with seasonal inspired one such as merry, jolly, magical, icy, chocolaty, cozy, arctic, fireside, melting, frosty & wintertime.

3. Be Sure Everyone is in the Know – Are your doors going to be closed for business on Thanksgiving and the day after? Will you be extending your hours on Christmas Eve? Or maybe your offices are closed the week after New Years. No matter whether it is a drastic change in schedule or you are closing a little early, use this opportunity to include your Holiday hours in your messages!

4. Accessorize – Selecting a Holiday Music Bed is as important as the messages themselves. Click HERE and visit Style Preferences to listen to a variety of Holiday inspired music beds and select the melody that will warm the hearts of all. Pro Tip: Changing your music bed on your existing messages is the easiest way to add cheer to your customer’s day.

5. Make an Impression – Instead of waiting for the Holidays to slip away, submit your Holiday Production soon. Please allow enough time for production to avoid RUSH fees. If your device requires media remember to allow additional time for shipping.

And when we are in need of a little inspiration, music usually does the trick! So turn on those Holiday tunes and get creative with your messages!

Holiday Music

Do you have tips of your own when it comes to creating Holiday messages or ambience? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll pour a hot chocolate and read them while it’s frosty outside!

– Submitted by Evita Klava, Voice