Hey, you know what we love around here? Saint Valentine’s Day! The candy, the flowers, the cards, the chocolate…sometimes I wonder why we don’t send hordes of kids around door to door to tell their neighbors “I love you!” in return for a handful of candy, individually-wrapped of course. You know, share love, smiles and candy! It could still happen.

Ah, but there’s just something in the air around here at Saint Valentine’s Day. No, I’m not talking about that chubby little cherub Cupid with his wings a’flutterin’ and his arrows pointed at innocent bystanders who up until then hadn’t a care in the world.

Around here when we say “something in the air,” we’re talking about Overhead Messaging!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I believe that the overhead messaging services we provide are actually a lot like Valentine’s Day cards…

I mean, both are simple – Mood’s overhead messaging can be written, produced, and played without taking a ton of your time. In fact, you can be as involved as you like or as hands-off as you want!

Both are direct – a card says “Be mine” and a great messaging program is just as straight-forward. Sales, seasonal items, special services and themes to remember – these are best presented by in-store audio.

And finally, both cards and messages are a great way to say “I love you!” The card needs no explanation. But the messages, keep in mind they’re directed to one audience…customers who are already in your business, already spending! These are the folks who have sought you out for goods and services. They’ve trusted you to deliver. And if anyone’s going to take advantage of special pricing that you can provide…it’s going to be these great customers who are already shopping with you anyway!

We’d love to play messaging matchmakers for you and your customers, so if this sounds like something you’d like to take a shot at, just let us know!

In the meantime, we’ll be taping little paper bags to the fronts of our desks hoping that someone drops a little red card in it. Hopefully it says something nice. But we’ll also take candy. And feel free to leave us a Valentine’s note in the comments below!

– Submitted by Jon Vader, Voice