As 2015 begins, many of us have made our list of New Year’s resolutions. It is natural to embrace each New Year as an opportunity to start fresh. It’s an opportune time to commit to a change; breaking bad habits, starting new habits, getting fit, getting organized, etc – the possibilities are endless. But it doesn’t have to be just personal resolutions. For business owners, the concept of a resolution is just as prevalent and Mood Media would like to help you check things off your 2015 resolution list.

New Year's Resolutions

As a business owner, do you resolve to engage your caller’s attention while they are on hold? It’s common for people to hang up upon being put on hold due to silence on the other end, so don’t miss out on those opportunities! Talk to Mood about our array of on-hold messaging options.

Maybe you resolve to connect directly with your customers while they are in store by letting them know current specials, services, or offers that you have. Why not take the opportunity to catch your customers’ attention while they are right there in your business? Explore our overhead messaging options and get started today!

Music is a mood-setter, and your business environment is largely dictated by the music that’s playing around you – whether that be for your employees or for your customers – you want their experiences to be enjoyable, and you can make that happen by creating an atmosphere with one of our thousands of music playlist options! Talk to us about what you are looking for, and we will match you with exactly what you need.

Maybe you already have our services, but you resolve to control your brand’s voice more? There are a multitude of tools available to you on our easy-to-use website, Voice Design, all which are helping hands in making your brand bolder, better, and more customized. Check out Voice Design today!

Mood Media is here to help you turn your 2015 resolutions into habits. Don’t let the flame of January 1st burn out, count on us to work with you throughout 2015, and the years to come. Whether your resolution is personal, business related, or for the good of all – we want to be a part of it.

Business Owners Resolution List with Mood

  1. Engage your callers attention with Mood Voice on-hold messaging
  2. Connect with your customers with Mood Voice on-site messaging
  3. Enhance your brand with Mood

– Submitted by Jessica Wertz, Voice