Every October, illuminated pumpkins peer out from porches and huddle up on doorsteps; a sure sign that Halloween is here. Intricate carvings of various faces, monsters, icons, and even logos are frequently seen. But if a Jack O’Lantern could talk, what would he actually say to trick-or-treaters?

For example, if you see a Jack O’Lantern with a Longhorn carved on it, clearly representing The University of Texas, and you are a diehard A&M or Oklahoma fan, would you bother going up to this house? It might depend on how empty your candy bag is. BUT if you’re a UT fan, you would most likely be excited to go to this house and meet these fellow fans.

If you saw houses next to each other with these pumpkins, which doorbell are you more likely to ring?

Pumpkin 1Pumpkin 1

The first pumpkin has clearly been uncared for…what does this say about the owners? Do you think they are excited about Halloween and eager to hand out the best candy to trick-or-treaters? OR would you rather go to the second house with the pumpkin that has been tended to. These people may be a little more enthusiastic about the holiday.

Now you may be wondering how this relates to Voice. But, when we work with a client on new music and messaging for their business, we have to think about what image they want to convey. We have to consider their brands, their products, and their potential customers. We also have to ask: what does a message heard by a prospective client say about their business? When a business is playing messages, whether on-site or on-hold, those messages should fit the brand and be welcoming to potential customers, not scare them away like the house with the rotten pumpkin. If a house loses trick-or-treaters, fine, more candy for them. But when a business loses customers, a lot of stakeholders there and in the community are affected. That’s why we here on the Voice team work closely with our clients to tailor their messages to reach as many potential customers as possible. The trick is often research and strategic planning. The treat we hope for is a completely satisfied client. Oh, and candy. We keep a lot of candy around the office too.

So let’s see some of your Jack O’Lanterns! Link to your pics in the comment section below. Maybe tell us what you set out to do, and we’ll see if you hit your goal. We’ll probably even post pictures of the best ones up around the office. Pictures, you know, Because HR said no to the whole “open flame” thing.

– Submitted by Allison Carpenter, Voice