How can you set your messages apart from the barrage of marketing messages in the in-store environment? Getting your customers to hear your overhead messages is easy, but actually getting them to listen is the tricky part. There are many facets to an overhead message that can make it stand out. Retailers are beginning to realize it is not always content of the message that is most important, but sometimes it is who, or what, is delivering that message to the customers.

Think of the last time you were inside a mall. The big open spaces, high ceilings, busy crowds shuffling from store to store, the myriad of marketing messages; it’s possible to miss the voice emanating from 40 feet above you. Our client’s solution was to move that voice down to the customer level and into a shrub. It sounded silly to me at first, but I quickly recognized the truth that I am more likely to pay attention to the polite shrub to my left than the far away voice I have never met or seen before. By anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, business owners not only grab a customer’s attention but also peak their curiosity.

Shop owners put a lot of effort into the visual merchandising manifestation in their store’s windows. Incorporating a voice and thus animating these window displays is a fantastic way to stop customers in their tracks and draw them into the store. The great thing about Mood Voice is the versatility and ability to work with an array of innovating systems. Our client was able to implement Mood’s messaging services into their hidden speaker system, which worked to convert the entire storefront window into a living display. This imaginative way of using our overhead messaging services personified the window advertisement by adding a voice to what was already a visual display.

As the evolution of enchanted objects is making its way through malls, retail stores, theme parks and car dealerships, I am seeing our clients utilizing Mood’s Voice messaging services to breathe the life into everyday objects. The trash cans and vending machines of today are silent, but soon could be trending a new way to communicate to shoppers on a more personal level.

Tell us your story of unique on-site marketing messages you have heard!

– Submitted by Jennifer Yamaguchi, Voice