It’s the holiday season! After that definitive statement, I should probably admit right here that I’m not fully certain about what all is encompassed in the holiday season. For example, I’m fairly sure that Thanksgiving is in there, but is it the official kick-off of the holiday season? Can Halloween hold its own as the start?  I mean, there’s decorating, dressing up, food plays a big role, even holiday spirits you might say. But it also seems so far away from the others, sort of on an early island all by itself. If it was just one week later, just seven days, I have no doubt that we’d all be celebrating HalloThanksChristoBoxKwanaRamaHanamas and a happy new year. Ah, but it was not to be.

Happy Holidays

I like the holiday season. People are tuned into the same happy feelings, we’re a little more giving, for the most part we share cold as our common enemy and hot chocolate as our common friend. So all in all, it’s a time of community and sharing, or at least I like to think so.

And the same way that music and decorations and lights and the smell of chocolate create a sense of place when you’re home for the holidays, that’s what we strive to do here at Mood. And not just at the end of the year, every day we’re thinking of ways to envelop the customer in a comfortable, communal, sense of place, sense of intimacy with the brand, and sense of welcome that ushers her out of the real world with the ease of pushing through a shop door. It’s neat to think of it as another world. Where your experience is by design. It’s not like the boring old outside world. In here we have chocolate.

Happy Holidays

The end of the year is here. We hope yours was great and we hope your 2015 is even better.

Let us know if you have any favorite holiday scents that we can try to recreate, or holiday destinations that we can dream of jetting off to – we’d love to hear from you!

Happy holidays!

– Submitted by Jon Vaden, Voice