It’s a strategy I used when working in broadcast television and, in the last five years, I’ve adapted certain tactics to the DOOH industry.

Thinking like a TV Producer allows you to better understand your viewers, acknowledge their viewing habits, and add value through content and programming.

It’s something I like to call the A.C.E. tactic.

A = Audience
C = Content
E = Engagement

In this post we will explore the “A” or the audience.

It is important to put yourself in the shoes of your audience (aka your customers) to get a true appreciation of their likes and dislikes. Understanding your clientele will allow for easier brand allegiance, a successful deployment of your content strategy, and an overall positive experience when your customers are in your location.

Answering a few specific questions can help to better understand your audience/clientele.

Demographic: What is the age of your clients? Do they arrive in groups or individually? Is there a central purchaser or do all the individuals purchase their own products? What clothes do your customers wear…are there sports, music, or movie logos you see on their clothing?

Understanding a few key insights about your demographic can help narrow down your decisions when deploying an in-store media network or digital signage venture. What do you see your customers telling you?

Dwell Time: Are your customers coming in for quick purchases or do they lounge for extended periods of time? Do you see this trend change throughout the day or time of the year? Do seasons impact the dwell time of your customers? Are groups of customers sitting or shopping together or are they individually spending time at your location?

Obtaining specifics of your customers dwell time can uncover many “secret answers” on how to best market to your clientele. Instead of large mass marketing verbiage or offers, find solutions that best fit to what your customers want.

Time of Day/Year: I’m not a betting man but if I were, I’d bet that different times of the day/year produce different trends of consumers. What are you noticing about your audience in the early hours of your store opening? Do you see the trends change over lunchtime and then through the evening? How are your marketing tactics adjusting throughout the day/year?

Understanding these specifics can allow you to create successful promotions, LTO’s, long-term campaigns, or any special marketing message that will help your business grow.

This is a tactic TV Producers call dayparting. Different messages are carefully crafted to impact different audiences during different times of the day/year.

Purchasing Habits: Do customers try on clothing or simply grab from the rack and try on items at home? Do your customers order only combo meals or do they focus on individual food purchases to make their own value meal? What marketing message are your customers paying attention to? What promotional verbiage is exposed to your clientele? What messages are they ignoring?

TV Producers know what their audiences watch, enjoy, and buy. In the television world it’s all about the ratings. In your world, it’s all about the sales.

Thinking like a TV Producer can help you ensure your message is being not only delivered, but being positively received by your target audience.

In this article we only covered the “A” in A.C.E. Stay tuned for our posts covering the “C” and “E” so you can get the full picture in deploying a successful DOOH campaign.

– Submitted by Brian Elles, Visual