Many business owners are turning to digital signage to catch the attention of their clients and customers. Screens in your business can set a mood, reflect your brand and, especially, engage your consumers. Turning them from passersby to buyers, all with the help of art teamed with science.

I recently read an interesting article from Fast Company called Netflix Knows Which Pictures You’ll Click On—And Why. The essence of the article is that data scientists analyzed Netflix user statistics, while their creative team members fiddled with the colors and words that appear on the pictures. Netflix would test several variations for a single show or movie “to try to discover what makes members click.”

Here are some takeaways:

  1. Images have to be high quality. So an underwater indie flick shot only on 5-year old flip phones may make the festival rounds, but promotional images better be crystal clear in high-def.
  2. More than three people make viewers click on by. The author references the ensemble cast of “Orange Is the New Black.” Season one’s promo pic had 8 people on it. Season two and beyond? One.
  3. A person showing emotion in her face can convey subtle details about the plot, drawing viewers into the storyline without even starting the show.
  4. Netflix members respond better to recognizable villains over pictures of the hero. As the author says, “polarizing characters tend to grab our attention.”

So, you see, more proof that the right visuals can really get attention, and drive engagement!

These are our goals here at Mood, too, especially for our Visual Solutions team! Mood can provide video content that is engaging, cost-effective, and appropriate for your environment, whether it be nature scenes, industrial images or music videos. And did you know that Mood provides one of the largest in-house music video content libraries in the industry? We can partner with you to identify the genres and artists that will work best for your business.

With digital signage solutions from Mood we can be your true end-to-end digital signage provider. That’s because we offer complete system design, software, hardware, service, support, and, especially, content. The possibilities are endless and the results are significant, that’s because we use art and science to give you the edge.  Just like Netflix knows where you’ll click next.

– Submitted by Jon Vaden, Voice