As if there aren’t already enough flashy lights in Las Vegas, the Digital Signage Expo lit up the week with attractive new screens and beautiful visual solutions.

While waiting for the monorail to the Las Vegas Convention Center, I searched for any insights on when the next train would arrive yet I found nothing. Only faded print signs lingered around the platform as digital signage was not utilized to communicate to customers and help inform of upcoming arrivals.

So I stood, and waited, I thought…

Why don’t brands maximize every opportunity to positively enhance captivated consumers in specific locations? Why is nobody helping enrich my journey?

If XYZ brand were to sponsor a digital sign that would be used to help inform customers, that brand would have created a positive experience and, for me, I would find satisfaction in a company wanting to help improve my experience. Instead, I blindly waited.

Communicating to customers. It was definitely the theme of DSE.

If it is communicating with clients through beautifully designed digital menu boards at the point of sale or if it is place based networks that provide quality programming that enhance customer’s experiences, there are major movements in the digital signage industry to provided value to customers.

Brands have the opportunity to remain consistent across all marketing platforms and digital signage is no different.

Be it displaying beautiful animations across OLED screens or streaming eye-catching media across large video walls, brands need to continually re-evaluate their advertising and marketing strategies to positively enhance the customer experience. These tactics were highlighted at DSE and the collaboration with industry trendsetters took place at every corner I turned.

Digital Signage

DSE 2016 showcased many of these visual trends that revolve around enriching the consumer journey. DSE allowed for face-to-face discussions, sharing of best practices, and over all future ideas of where digital signage is going. Being part of these discussions was rewarding, encouraging, and exciting, as 2016 will continue to drive digital signage implementations in new, positive, creative ways.

– Submitted by Brian Elles, Visual