Sometimes, total flexibility is intimidating, and let’s be serious – creativity can be time-consuming. Here are some creative tips for using digital signage to differentiate your business and engage your customers. Have you considered…

Mosaic Walls / Multiple Screen Configurations

While one screen is terrific, multiple screens can be fabulous! If you’re interested in grabbing your customers’ attention, use two or more screens in an interesting geometric configuration. Or, consider using a single screen in portrait mode. As modern consumers, we’re hardwired to be attracted to screens for information, and encountering an unusual display can make a lasting impression and be a stunning centerpiece for your space. Be aware that content for these types of displays may have to be specially designed – so just ask your digital signage provider about the available options.

Weather-Activated Technology

More and more digital signage platforms are incorporating advanced features that allow savvy users to enrich their playlist with smart content that can present the right promotion at the right time. One of these options is weather-activated technology. With weather-activated technology, you enable certain templates to display during certain weather conditions. If it’s sunny and hot, advertise your frozen drinks or handspun milkshakes. If it’s cold and rainy, highlight bowls of steaming soup. The same concept can be applied to presenting certain messages at certain times of day.  Make sure you’re maximizing the smart features of your digital signage to diversify and target your content.

Using Social/RSS Feeds

Why do all the work if you don’t have to? Automatic feeds allow you to pull in an ever-changing stream of information to keep your playlist fresh. One of the most effective strategies is to make use of any user-generated content. Use your content management features to pull in the latest buzz on your Twitter account. Show the pics that customers are posting on your Instagram. Feature glowing reviews from Yelp. It’s fun, fresh and engaging. By leveraging social content, you’re inviting customers and guests to be involved in your brand – inside and outside your physical location.

Digital Queue

One of the simplest ways to capture and hold your customers’ attention is to use your digital signage network to support your service and delivery process. Instead of having customers in line wait for their number to be called – why not show it on screen? That way, their eyes will be glued to your digital signage network, and you’ll be able to reduce their perceived wait time between encounters and create a less chaotic process.

Digital Décor

It’s obvious how digital signage can eliminate static promotional signage, but have you considered how digital signage can become a part of your office, lobby or location décor? Digital signage content doesn’t have to be focused on messaging and information delivery. With high-definition screens capable of delivering jaw-dropping clarity and color, you might have screens strategically placed to simply provide a dynamic backdrop.

With digital signage, the possibilities are truly endless – but any application should support your brand and your business goals. First, consider the experience you’re trying to create, and then allow your imagination to run wild.

What creative applications have you explored with your digital signage – or what memorable installations have you encountered? We’d love to hear from you.

– Submitted by Michele Davies, Communications