Last November, DMX partnered with Pandora Radio to offer a simple, licensed Internet radio solution for businesses. As studies show, many business owners are unaware that they are committing copyright infringement by playing music without the proper licensing. Therefore, we’ve created a campaign, called Up+Up, to remedy this.

Up+Up is a movement to encourage the legal commercial use of music. Up+Up is focused on educating consumers and business owners on what is required for them to play music legally in their place of business and the benefits of doing so. Ultimately, Up+Up’s goal is to support artists to ensure that they are rightfully compensated for the commercial use of their art.

To help us spread the message, we’ve enlisted local business owners. One of DMX’s favorite local businesses is the Mean Eyed Cat. Nestled at the base of our Austin Headquarters, our employees often stop in to enjoy a nice conversation (aka drink) or listen to a band playing the DMX Live Series. Without a doubt, music is the key element of Mean Eyed Cat’s business. Chris Marsh, the bar’s owner, explains why he plays music on the Up+Up…

As mentioned above, the ultimate goal of Up+Up is to support the artists. In the video below, Fitz and the TantrumsTheophilus LondonKat EdmonsonEndurance, and Bomba Estereo talk about why paying for licensing helps THEIR business.

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– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media