On July 27th, Grant Wilson-Claridge shared a YouTube link on Facebook for EDM C2 PRE 11:


The lushed out bliss heard here was indicative of Rephlex Records’ ongoing release strategy (or non-strategy).

Since 1991, Rephlex has been putting out Braindance, a strain of electronic music known for blending the best bits of techno, electro, hip-hop, experimental textures and prank phone-calls. Primarily associated with Aphex Twin (and aliases) the label has also put out amazing artists like Leila, Mu-Ziq, Drexciya, Cylob, Squarepusher and Jodey Kendrick (among countless other talents). Since around catalog number 216, Rephlex has abandoned any normalcy when it comes to releasing records as a label.

D’Arcangelo’s Audiovisual Designs was released on a new label named “Audiovisual Designs” though this album retains Rephlex catalog numbering scheme.

Electric Dance Music put out two compilations of various artist releases under the names “EDM A2” and “EDM B2” both featuring the same catalog pattern. These are all allegedly Jodey Kendrick working under aliases, releasing some of the finest electronic music of the last couple years.


Fire For Effect was a label started under Rephlex in 2013 to release Ultrademon’s full length, Seapunk. Based on information on Resident Advisor, the album was curated by Rephlex. It kept the catalog numbering of Rephlex releases while seeming like it was released without any label association.

(there are other examples if you’d like to dig on Discogs and WATMM)

From July 19th – July 30th 2014, Jodey Kendrick linked on his Facebook multiple YouTube links located on this channel.

Information under one of the videos includes the following:

Electric Dance Music presents, EDM E1LP+CD+Tape StrictlyLimited Edition Set. £23 GBP ($40 USD) + p&p. Released Autumn 2014. Reserve yours now, exclusively at edm.soundwave@gmail.com.

When the address above is emailed, one receives a reply with this information, per this thread on WATMM:

Hello and thanks for supporting with your pre-order for the new strictly limited, triple format set of Electronic Dance Music.

Released in Autumn 2014, sent directly from us to you.

Please paypal £23 GBP ($40 USD) to: edm.soundwave@gmail.com

We’ll then send you an email confirming your reservation and personal edition number.

We will contact you before the stock arrives with the cost of p&p to your location (sending via Royal Mail).

Cheers again,


What seems to have started off as an oblique marketing strategy has organically turned into, what I feel is, the necessary response to our current “vinyl mania.” We are currently going through an over-pressing and under-listening phenomena, involving limited runs, colored vinyl and more. Click HERE to read a great article on this subject from Pitchfork.

Rephlex seems to have bypassed normal channels of distribution in favor of one where the listener has to keep ahead to play a game of keeping in touch. By pressing music based on demand (like in this newer EDM release) or in exclusive numbers, they can more than likely keep costs low and get the music to the people that want to hear it rather than over-producing and under-selling.

I honestly wonder if Rephlex will ever return as a proper label, but, in the meantime, if I get to hear releases as stellar as what they are currently producing, I don’t care about their distribution methods.

– Submitted by Music Design