This is a great overview of Trap. Trap is quickly moving in on American Dubstep, and Brostep, as a dominant form of club music. Its half-time tempo emulates some of the “in-the-pocket” feel of Dubstep while moving the musical emphasis from modulated bass to rippling hi-hats and chest-smacking snares. With a sound that has been tapped by underground producers on both sides of the Atlantic, Trap has gained prominence recently in a variety of forms. Much less limited than Dubstep in terms of tempo (Dubstep is usually around 70/140 BPM), Trap is relatively flexible with a variety of tempos that allow for variance in energy in club use.

This article from Resident Advisor traces the beginnings of the sub-genre along with outlining some of the most popular artists and highlighting some of the lesser known musicians.

– Submitted by Steven Pilker, Music Design