I have had the joy over the last few weeks of attending two beautiful and meaningful weddings. My only two nephews, brothers, married within 6 weeks of each other. As usual, I found myself noticing the music in the weddings and the receptions. Both brides and grooms were in their mid-20s and all are music lovers. Music has been a part of their courtships and they had some strong attachments to meaningful songs.

I was a little surprised when I heard Natalie Cole’s sweet love song “This Will Be” played as the recessional at wedding #1. It’s a song from at least 10 years before these two were born. But there is no doubt it is a happy love song that added a sweet finale to beautiful service.

At the reception for the second wedding, the groom had created the playlist to be played. It bounced from current songs by Pharrell Williams to classics from the 70’s from Stevie Wonder and Wild Cherry. It also went from rap from Pitbull to crooning from Michael Buble. And it all worked perfectly.

How does this relate to my job and your music? I try not to get stuck in the way I think it “should be.” The young adults of today have been exposed to more music in their lives and in their daily life than anyone who has ever preceded them. They may seek out the new and the popular, but they aren’t limited to a single genre of music (and probably don’t make those distinctions as readily as older music listeners). They are as just as intent on discovering the great songs of the past. “Blurred Lines,” “Brown-Eyed Girl,” “The Best Day of My Life,” “Walk This Way”…all were great songs that kept the dancers on the floor and energized the celebration for everyone.

First dance for Brandt and Kathy:

First dance for Connor and Annie:

– Submitted by Janice Williams, Music Design