Web surfers around the world (granted, they must be browsing via Google Chrome, but hey, minor detail, right?) can tap into their inner rockstar with Google’s new web toy: “JAM with Chrome.”

“JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to play music together in real time through their Chrome browser, using the latest HTML5 technologies. You can choose from one of 19 instruments and up to 4 people can JAM together in a session.” – JAMwithchrome.com

Check out the adorably hilarious JAM teaser video (gotta love, Joao, the Skrillex sheep):

The app offers a selection of bass guitars, acoustic and electric guitar stylings, drum kits, drum machines, and synth keyboards (but where’s the cowbell??), for both “EASY” and “PRO” modes of play. The EASY setting is based on pre-programmed loops, where the user can manipulate tempo and key shifts. PRO mode converts your computer keyboard into the audio triggers, allowing for more free-form play. Kudos to you if you can figure out a Bbm7 on this thing.

As with any new piece of technology, there seem to be a few bugs to work out (i.e.: not able to load on some devices, instrument delays when jamming with multiple users in PRO mode…) but overall, this application is quite cool and is a great way to bond with (or mock) your friends.

JAM now (or even start a web-band with your friends) over at www.jamwithchrome.com.

– Submitted by Carly Grimm, Music Design