Everyone’s heard the old adage, “respect your elders.” However, when it comes to music, especially current, we may think that our more “mature” family and friends aren’t quite hip to the “Harlem Shake” or realize that “Of Monsters and Men” isn’t a sequel to the original book.

In this Fine Bros. Production webisode, we see that some of our seasoned friends actually do get “it.”

Meet Melvin, Rhoda, Catherine, Jennifer, Diane (my personal favorite and whose enthusiasm is absolutely endearing!), Rock, Bob, Jeannie, Pamela, Don and Owen.

Their genuine reactions to being introduced to dub-step (in particular, the artist Skrillex) are not only hilarious (I legitimately laughed out loud countless times) — they each make some awesome, true points about trends, styles, and the desire to be considered “early adopters” that so many people have.

It really makes you think…What will our grand-kids be listening to? What will all of these yet-to-be-invented genres of music be called?

– Submitted by Carly Grimm, Music Design