Good music can make anything better. Seriously, anything. Even something as seemingly unrelated as a movie or television show title sequence.

Art of the Title is a website dedicated to the art of the title sequence. You can find almost any genre of television show or movie you could possibly imagine in their archives. One thing that makes the great ones great: the music. It’s more important in creating a successful title sequence than you would expect. The right music and the right graphics can make for a title sequence that you love just as much as the show (or sometimes more).

Check out the Dexter title sequence that won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design and was nominated for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music in 2007:

The title sequence for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is just pure art – a story in itself. Who needs anything else with a title sequence this beautiful?

Smokin’ Aces title sequence from VooDooDog:

AMC’s television show Mad Men won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design in 2009:

Here’s an interesting discussion of the art of film and tv title design from PBS:

– Submitted by Rebecca Butler, Social Media