It even sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, believe it! This SX 2K12 has managed to offer up the best lineup of electronic music artists yet. Not exactly the outlet you would imagine them at, but trust me when I say that even the most novice EDM fan will recognize at least one act they’ll want to see. And for the ones you don’t, look them up. Let me give you a sample:

So prevalent were the sets that I was regrettably forced to miss a few! You’re only supposed to hear that from the battle hardened indie folks. These weren’t just any ole shows either. Porter Robinson had a “robot” dressed up [practically] in Daft Punk attire with twin smoke shooting pistols in the middle of the crowd. Needless to say I found myself looking at my friends mouthing “WHAT?!?!” with probably the most bewildered look on my face.

Another rad ‘thanks universe’ moment happened when I went to catch Madeon with my friend. Ten minutes after we walk in, Zeds Dead starts playing. Several filthy drops and 808s later, Madeon comes up. The kid [no literally, he’s 17] puts on a fantastic show and blows my mind how he can manipulate 40-some-odd color buttons to make coherent sound. Then I hear Skrillex is on with 12th Planet. Those who know realize I really don’t need to say anything more about that.

This is basically how the whole week went. Incredible music and networking with remarkable people; a whirlwind of wicked bass drops, aching ligaments, and CDJ’s. This was one for the history books. If you ever get the chance to come to SXSW, remember these three things:

1. Don’t forget the electronic artists
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Save a good spot for me.

– Submitted by Reid Walker, Audio Engineer