While there are a million things you can and should do during SXSW; there are also a few that you should not. We have your list of SXSW “no-no’s” to help you spend your time most effectively. You’ve probably figured out a few of these by now…


1. Don’t chase the “perfect schedule.”  You won’t be able to see everyone you want to see even if you have a platinum badge. Sorry. It’s better not to have any expectations. Sometimes you have to be willing to discover new bands and new venues – that’s part of the wonder of SXSW. Plan one or two things for each day and let the rest just happen as it may.

2. Don’t do a segway tour. Just don’t. They may make you feel cool, but chances are you don’t look cool. And you definitely don’t look like an Austinite.

3. Don’t drive downtown. With the thousands of people and bands who flock to Austin for SXSW, driving downtown will only mean you spend your SXSW listening to the radio.

4. Don’t drive. Second thought, try not to drive at all. Taking public transportation, carpooling, walking, or riding your bike will make your life so much easier and much less angry. Didn’t bring your bike on the plane? Rent one.

5. Don’t wear flip flops. Your feet will end up looking like beaten hobbit’s feet by the end of the day. In that case, don’t wear your designer shoes either.

6. Don’t go overboard with the free drinks. Especially on the first day. A hungover SXSW is not a happy SXSW.

7. Don’t only go mainstream. Mainstream shows are much harder to get into, and there are so many amazing bands at SXSW for you to discover.

8. Don’t settle for mediocre food. Austin has some of the best and most diverse food. Make sure to check out some of our local restaurants and food trailers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an amazing meal. South Congress is a good place to start.

9. Don’t plan to meet up with someone later. If you don’t leave the hotel together, you probably won’t see each other again until you’re back at the hotel.

10. Don’t be a tourist. Be a local. Here’s some tips to show you the ropes:

– Submitted by Rebecca Butler, Social Media