When making a great discovery at South By Southwest, it is SO important to write down the name of the band, take a picture of their gear cases, or buy their CD. I did none of the above for the band The Silent Comedy, who performed on the roof of Whole Foods on 3/16 to a small, but very energetic and involved crowd. I thought they were terrific! Certain I would remember the name, I got to a computer 3 days later and searched for Sideshow Circus, Silent Circus, Sideshow Comedy, and, finally, luckily, found The Silent Comedy. I appreciate a band that jumps into their performance with gusto…as if they are in front of thousands and not dozens. The Silent Comedy did just that. Their sound? If you are a fan of Mumford and Sons, I would say check them out. This San Diego band uses traditional folk instruments for a distinctly rock sound.

– Submitted by Janice Williams, Music Design