One of my favorite video channels is NOWNESS, and they recently released yet another amazing film. It’s entitled Crazy Legs and it’s brought to you by director and artist Sean Frank.

Crazy Legs is a rollerskating spot in Brooklyn, NY. As Sean Frank puts it, “Crazy Legs is a Salvation Army by day and a skate club at night.” The vibe of this video is 1990 underground HOUSE. It’s Paris is Burning, it’s Soul Train. It’s the real deal. If only I could skate. If only I lived in New York. This video is awesome. The music is killer, the slow mo, the choreography…

The featured song is by The Internet, a group comprised of a few of the members of Odd Future that creates amazing soul music. The whole vibe is summer in the city. When that “skate, skate” kicks in? It’s hot. You gotta see it.

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design