You might have heard their names before but maybe not their music. 2014 has brought forth a lot of new music and extraordinary talents like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, John Newman and Clean Bandit. Besides all appearing on the Billboard charts, they have at least one thing in common: they hail from England! Is this a new wave of the British invasion?

As a Music Designer, I am thrilled with the discovery of these musical prodigies. These artists really bring new flavor to the programs I design. One of my clients recently stated, “Anything Ed Sheerhan does is gold!” At first I wasn’t convinced and brushed him off as just another pop star. Then I dug a little bit deeper, realized he has a unique songwriting gift and the more I listen, the more I like his voice. Another favorite of mine is Sam Smith. He pours the kind of emotion into his music that one might think comes from someone much older, but he’s only 22! In my experience, most clients don’t like slower tempo songs, but I’m noticing lately that my clients, in particular, are really drawn to Sam Smith. Regardless of tempo, it seems he brings a certain energy to the table. Soulful R&B has been on the rise for awhile now but I would venture to say this British wave is making a serious impact on pop music today. While Ed Sheeran’s music is not exactly soul or R&B, it’s distinctive pop/rock with an appeal that hits home with a lot of people.

I look forward to watching these artists continue to grow. Ed Sheeran’s album X has sold over 300,000 copies (no small feat in today’s digital world) and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour has reached number one in the UK, according to the Official Charts Company.

Here’s hoping the trend doesn’t end anytime soon; we still have five more months this year for new music releases!

Check out some of the latest by these chart toppers:

– Submitted by Ashley Columbus-Plinzke, Music Design