With the return of vinyl records to music stores in recent years, record stores are experiencing a resurgence. Despite the fact that more and more shoppers have gone digital (preferring the likes of iTunes and Spotify), many people – including our Music Design team – appreciate the beauty in physical records and the simplicity of the small, independently owned stores that still exist. Follow their recommendations and you won’t be let down.

Record Stores

Mandi LeBlanc, Jose Brown and Erick Bohorquez all love Austin’s own End of an Ear. Known for its impressive used vinyl collection that is home to all genres, it’s been called a ‘must’ for music lovers in Austin. Get to know it here.

Beverly Records in Chicago is Bill Spencer’s go-to. While the in-store collection is impressive, he says that “there are so many more to be found on the web. 45s are my specialty.” See what’s waiting for you on its website.

Looking to kill a day in Seattle? Check out Bop Street Records, says Kelly Peck and Jim Fisher. “It’s a treasure hunt. The guy knows what he has, so it’s not cheap, but the selection can’t be beat. Vinyl for DAYS.” Kill time with Bop Street here.

Uncle Sam wants you… to visit his record store in South Beach. “Uncle’s Sam’s is a sentimental favorite,” Eric Martinez says. “Even though I browse much more than I purchase, there is something soothing about flipping through albums.”

Janica Chang prefers Half-Price Bookstores. “They have a lot of great finds – especially if you’re in the market for old classical vinyl.”

Amoeba, based in Los Angeles and Berkeley, is a store that got quite a few recognitions from Mark Shapiro, Amy Frishkey and Linda Kennedy. Claiming to be the world’s largest independent record store, its Berkeley location was converted from a former bowling alley and fills up its 24,000 square feet with 100,000+ CDs, vinyl and cassettes. See what you can find here.

Although it’s not technically a record store, Juan Pablo Restrepo is in on the best-keep secret in Miami. “I have a guy who provides me great vinyl,” he says. “Once a month, he comes down from West Palm Beach to a street market in Lincoln Road. That’s my favorite.”

Wherever and however you get your records, make it an adventure and get lost in the soothing feeling of flipping through vinyl – just like our Music Designers.

– Submitted by Music Design