Complementing electronic downtempo producer Bonobo’s newest single off his upcoming album The North Borders (released on Ninja Tune), Cyriak works visual wonders with his distinctive animation & visual manipulation style. What starts off as a series of retro footage and repeating elements synced to the chilled melodic beat, turns into a surreal and hypnotizing collage with each animation contributing to a much large picture.

Bonobo – “Cirrus”

Utilizing Photoshop and After Effects, Cyriak has done a lot of freelance work including commercials, spots for Adult Swim, and a variety of abstract (and often disturbing) animation pieces. However, I find the music videos are his most interesting and awe inspiring pieces of work, as the edits perfectly match the beat and the visualizations flow and build upon the nuances of the song as it reaches to crescendo, resolving to foundation elements as the song ends.

Check out two of his previous amazing music videos below:

Eskmo – “We Got More”

UK Music Video Awards 2011 Winner

El Ten Eleven – “Yellow Bridge”

Material needed to create video: One log, 2 twigs and a couple of leaves.

– Submitted by Jesse Nathason, Music Design