Dazzling name designer outfit, check! Stunning celebrity date, check! Box of tissues… check? While getting red carpet ready, I’m curious if actors and actresses had tissues on their list of necessities for the 2015 Academy Awards.

During the Oscars broadcast, Common and John Legend’s performance of “Glory,” from the movie Selma, brought the audience to tears and received the biggest standing ovation of the night. On stage, a chorus of people marched on stage (which was set up as the Edmund Pettus Bridge) and gathered around Common and John Legend as they delivered their commanding piece. It was more than just another performance, but a reconnecting power scene, representing Dr. Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement, and the current battle for justice. It was both moving and inspiring, as heartfelt emotions were felt by the audience and viewers at home.

It was Common and John Legend’s vision for “Glory” to represent not simply the past, but the present and future as well. They used their platform and voice to evoke consciousness, rendering the message of “wake up, the time is now,” and hoping to be thought-provoking and inspire people to feel.

“When we were performing I just felt lifted at that moment. It felt like something special was happening, and then we finished and everyone was crying and people were standing. I just felt so much love in the room and it just felt like a powerful moment and obviously the icing on the cake was getting one of these.” – John Legend (backstage with ABC’s Robin Robert referring to his two Oscars)

Common added, “It felt like we were paying honor to Dr. King and all these people that fought for us and stood up for us. I felt like they were coming through the music.”

After a Golden Globe Award, two Oscars and memorable performances at the 2015 Oscar Academy Awards and 57th Grammy Awards, I’d say the duo definitely accomplished their goal. Just goes to show you how one song, one performance, and one voice (OK, well two) can result in a moving musical experience.

To see the moving performance for yourself, push play and enjoy.

– Submitted by Civonne Ray, Music Design