Lately, I have been on a quest for “spa sounds” for a massage client. I have enjoyed Eno, Pole and the ambient sounds coming from Kompact Records for many years, but a true expert in this genre? Hardly.

My search brought me to Biosphere, an artist out of Norway who has been making ambient music for many years. He has a huge catalogue and is known for his “ambient techno.” In fact, his album, Substrata (released in 1997), was voted by Hyperreal as an all-time classic ambient album. Additionally, he was one of the members of Bel Canto. Check out their album Birds of Passage.

What caught my eye was he was listed as playing in the bar at SALT Festival, Norway. Salt festival? Norway? I had to learn more. I found their website and discovered that it’s a year-long art and music festival.

This then led me to this Nowness entry on Lonnie Holley, an Alabama-based African-American artist and musician participating in the festival. Of course Nowness is covering this.

Can you imagine playing or showing your art here? I want to go. It’s become my number one obsession. How can I get to SALT? There are 19 weeks left!

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design