Being a HUGE fan of the Scream series, I was met with mixed feelings when MTV announced they were making a TV series based on the concept. “How would this work?” was one of my many questions (which they so eloquently address in the Scream-iest way) that haunted me leading up to the premiere.

After viewing the first episode of MTV’s Scream, I was instantly drawn in. They managed to translate the mix of self-referential, campy satire that made the original series so successful for a brand new generation. What really grabbed me after I finished binge watching the first four episodes was how superior the music was that accompanied the witty show.

After Shazaming (or pausing every other scene to copy the quick song tags slug) through the show I figured I was going to have do some research on who was selecting these musical gems. Not only were they incredible songs, but they were contributing a new character while helping drive the story of the series.

Come to find out, Andrea von Foerster is responsible for Music Supervision. The same Andrea von Foerster that worked on the immaculate (500) Days of Summer soundtrack as well as some of my favorite TV series soundtracks Roswell and Grey’s Anatomy.

Music selection carries over in many different outlets and is just as important in an in-store experience as it is on the soundtrack to your favorite movie, TV series or video game. Music can make us emotionally invested and help us connect a moment and form a positive memory or experience. Having suitable music adds quality and contributes to the overall brand. Is your brand playing the right music?

Like the Music Designers here at Mood, Andrea understands this and it’s evident from the quality of her work how passionate she is about great music and helping bring spotlight to well-deserved artists. Andrea has showcased many exceptional artists on the series such as Oh Wonder, Mulholland, and Fleurie.

For more music from soundtracks, you can listen to our Core offering Silver Screen. Also, be sure to check out MTV’s Scream to hear more wonderful music selections from Music Supervisor extraordinaire, Andrea. Lucky for us, it was announced that it will return for a second season so prepare for more amazing music and plenty of screams!

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design