We’ve all heard this: “Attention shoppers, big brand soap is 50% off today.” Or maybe this: “Thank you for holding, our agents will be back with you in a moment.” Maybe even on the same day. It’s like having an employee at your customer’s side at all times reminding them “Hey we have that, and we do that too.” But did you know that voice messaging is probably one of the most missed sales keys for business today?

On-hold messaging serves as a great way to get information to your customers in a one-on-one way. You can tell your customers what you offer, where you are, and when you’re open. So it’s a direct way to share key info in a positive on-hold experience, which gives you a higher chance of retaining callers, reducing hang-ups, and engaging customers with relevant information that helps them forget they’re on hold. It’s also shown that callers have a higher chance of making an additional purchase if they hear about it while holding.

In-store messages let you reach a large number of customers with every single message. It’s like the on-hold message but on a larger scale. Once the customer is in your store, you can make sure they know that you have a big sale, share a good joke, remind them of key events, have them connect with your social media, or just thank them for visiting. More and more studies show that shoppers who recall hearing retail audio advertisements often make purchases they didn’t plan on while in the store. And when you blend messages with music to communicate with shoppers, it enriches the shopping experience – almost like having a private radio network specifically for your business.

For gas station owners, overhead messaging is an extra vital key. The ability to pay at the pump has hurt some gas stations. Customers get out, pump, and then go. But overhead messages drive customers inside your store to purchase other items. So when they stop in for gas, why not let them know you have coffee and other beverages inside? Plus snacks, candy and food to calm their hunger. Along with car care items and other convenient things to help them on the road. With overhead messaging, that can be paired with music to really get their attention. You can get your message out without standing in the door of your store and yelling “Hey! Come in and get a soda!”

Whether your objective is to communicate important information to your customers, or create an atmosphere that reinforces your brand image, voice messaging is an experience that connects you with your customers in extraordinary ways. It can give you that extra edge with your customers by putting that little spark in their heads about an item they were not thinking about. Or let them know the information they are looking for. Or even putting them in the mood to shop.

– Submitted by Nate Oliver, Voice