Music is the harmony that strikes a chord in your heart. Love is the vibration that orchestrates the melody. On Valentine’s Day, flowers, dinners, and gifts are the usual romantic gestures. However similar to love letters and sonnets, music can stimulate a sense of adoration and intimacy as well. It can be a creative way of expressing endearment to your lover.

Today’s hip hop, r&b and soul artists make music that grooves with swagger. Whether you’re igniting a new flame or charming your sweetheart, these song selections are fitting for the grown and sexy. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here’s a few heart beats to set the mood for love.

“Send me your location. Let’s ride the vibrations. I don’t need nothing else but you.”

“I be catchin’ you starin’. Be careful. The idle mind is a dangerous place to be left in. But keep your eyes on me. Yeah, your heart don’t stand a chance.”

“We gon’ have a juke jam. We can have a party, just listening to music. Like. We used to do. I’ll get close to you.

“Every time I look into your eyes I see it. You’re all I need.”

“Too much love. Can’t keep it to myself.”

– Submitted by Civonne Ray, Music Design