Our Music Designers are always seeking out new music, whether it’s anticipating new albums from their favorite artists or finding new bands to fall in love with. Music Design’s Shirley Griffith shares the albums she’s looking forward to…

Porcelain Raft – Microclimate
What can I say except to turn off the lights and dance around your house in the muted headlights of passing cars to the magic of Porcelain Raft. 2012’s Strange Weekend was a near perfect album and I’ve been a fan of Porcelain Raft (even the name is a beautiful image) ever since. It’s hard to not get captivated in the acid drip dreamy toxicity of Mauro Remiddi’s smooth voice over a savage and seductive synth and bass light show. The new album is out now so get to dancing…

Real Estate – In Mind
I love the band, Real Estate. They are equal parts graceful and expansive swirled together with endearing and peculiar accents. Every album is effortlessly buoyant yet leaves a lingering impression long after the tracks have ended. Their lineup has shifted recently to include bedroom popper Julian Lynch, and marks their first album ever without founding guitarist, Matt Mondanile (I forgive you Matt, but please keep making Ducktails albums). Luckily, the single “Darling” retains that signature Real Estate rolling, ease of sound that you come to expect with their music, and I’m enthusiastic to see this new lineup’s direction. In Mind is set for release on March 17, 2017.

Tei Shi – Crawl Space
Tei Shi’s songs are layered, textured melodies with sweet, graceful vocals sprinkled throughout. From listening to her previous 2013 and 2015 EPs, to experiencing her newly released track “How Far,” it’s clear she’s slipped into a sleek and comfortable, truly artistically-voiced vibe. The new album was recorded over a year and a half, which predicts that the album is stitched together carefully and I’m looking forward to watching Tei Shi grow throughout the year. Tei Shi’s debut album, Crawl Space, is out soon.

Alvvays – TBA
The sweet Canadian indie darlings, Alvvays, are coming back with the follow-up from 2014’s breakout self-titled album! The thought of new Alvvays tunes makes me want to eat cake and celebrate in a roller rink thanks to their laid-back and retro, fuzzy sound. I held dear their 2014 album, as did a lot of people, and read that they’ve finished recording the new album using the same tape machine as on their debut. They’ve released two new tracks, “Dreams” and “Not My Baby” which employ that same demure but intoxicating pop they seem to perfect. I’m predicting a 2017 chock full of cherry red lipstick, oversized plastic sunglasses, and understated distortion over brightly colored melodies.

– Submitted by Shirley Griffith, Music Design