Blood – Rhye (out now)
Since coming out of nowhere in 2013 to release Woman, sensual Rhye has released follow-up album, Blood. The album features a fantastic collective of talents including musicians that have worked with Jhene Aiko, David Byrne, and Kelis, elevating the project from studio pipedreams to a full, actualized band after reports of Rhye co-founder Robin Hannibal leaving the duo. Rhye’s moody sound is gripping, erotic, and gracefully noir, which has left fans’ eagerly awaiting new music.

Everything Was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt – Moby (out 3/2/18)
Moby’s 15th studio album promises to be a return to his gospel-inspired and trip hop roots of earlier days. The album, named after Vonnegut’s book Slaughterhouse-Five (a cunning take on free will vs predestination and a never-changing present) marries those entrancing past styles with his current political and social outrage. The punk rocker in me wants to yell at us as a species and say, ‘Stop making these terrible choices,’ but the other part of me who’s maybe aspiring to some enlightenment just wants to try and be understanding and compassionate.” So it goes.

Dove – Belly (out 5/4/18)
Recently, a reunited Belly released a glistening teaser for the forthcoming single off their first album to be released since 1995’s King. (Yes, that “Feed the Tree” Belly). For me, last year’s Lotta Sea Lice (Kurt Vile/Courtney Barnett) cover of hidden-gem Belly track “Untogether” piqued a renewed interest into the dreamy 90’s alt band, so to receive a full LP of fresh work is certainly something that’ll be on the radar.

Speaking of Courtney Barnett, the clever Australian songwriter teased new songs through her social media in early February and has hinted at a sophomore album TBA in 2018. Her wildly successful EP A Sea of Split Peas and 2015 debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit have propelled the Milk! Records label owner into worldwide festival circuits and constantly sold out tours – including last year’s Lotta Sea Lice tour with newfound BFF Kurt Vile and incredible backing band that featured the likes of Warpaint’s drummer Stella Mozgawa and Sleater-Kinney’s Janet Weiss.

My Bloody Valentine (out summer 2018)
Although the legendary shoegazers released m b v in 2013, it’s this year’s album that fans should be even more excited about. m b v featured songs recorded from before the band’s 1997 breakup up to 2007’s reunification. Their 2018 release will have songs as freshly recorded as within the past two years – and the new album comes with promises of a 2018 tour! In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Kevin Shields said of the album, “This one is like if somebody took [m b v] and dropped some acid on it or created a dimensional clash or something.”

Blood Orange (TBA)
Teasing fans via Instagram, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes has shared that he’s putting the finishing touches on a new album to be released this year, a follow-up to 2016’s astounding Freetown Sound. Hynes has a harmoniously heartbreaking way of creating atmospheres in his songs with his unifying R&B vocals, tracked brilliantly over smooth beats and velveteen synths.

Honorable Mentions:
The Deconstruction – Eels (out 4/6/18)
Don’t Get It Twisted – Kamaiyah (out 11/18)
Snail Mail (TBA on Matador Records)
Raveena (two projects planned for release in 2018)

– Submitted by Shirley Griffith, Music Design