These days, more than ever before, we live in a digital world, surrounded by images. Mobile technology and social media have made it easy to capture and share images – and we can’t get enough. (Just consider the skyrocketing popularity of image-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest.)

For marketers, this explosion of visual content has simply reinforced the fact that images are powerful. Of course, this isn’t really new information. Studies tell us that 90% of the information received by the brain is visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than text. There’s a reason that an image is worth a thousand words. Images captivate and inspire.  Images make it easier to understand information and the presence of an image makes any message more effective.

This is why digital signage is so exciting. If we as consumers have this insatiable desire to see and experience information, then what can the power of visual content do for a business?

Digital signage gives businesses of any size the power to make images and video part of the customer experience – and generate significant results.  Combining your promotional or informational messages with the right images can allow you to connect more effectively with customers walking by, in or out of your location.

The possibilities are endless. By placing digital signage strategically throughout your store or location, you can promote items at the point-of-purchase, educate customers with video demonstrations, or reduce wait times by providing a mix of promotional messaging and lifestyle content.  Get creative, and use digital signage as a focal point in your store design with stunning images that can double as part of your décor – or involve customers by sharing user-generated content from your social media properties.

With digital signage in your store or location, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and the effectiveness of your communication by introducing a visual element. You can effectively bring your store – your menu – your lobby – your waiting room – to life.

Check out this photo of our Visual Design Center, and get inspired.  How could you use images to transform the way you connect with your customers?

Digital Signage

– Submitted by Michele Davies, Marketing