Digital menu boards do so much more than simply wow your guests – they offer a variety of benefits that can go a long way for your business. We’ve laid out seven of the most important advantages of this great solution that you’ll want to know. 

1. Easy compliance with menu labeling laws

While healthy restaurants initially included calorie count on their menus to help health-conscious customers, today more jurisdictions are requiring restaurants to display nutritional information on their menus. 

For example, federal law requires chain restaurants with 20 or more locations to display nutritional information on their menus. Using digital menu boards makes complying with these rules quick and easy. Better yet, as your ingredients and recipes change, your calorie count can instantly change right with them. No need to order new menus.

2. Make updates in an instant 

In addition to updating nutritional information, digital menu boards allow you to make adjustments instantaneously when needed. Sell out of an item? Find a new fresh ingredient at the farmer’s market? Want to feature your newest creation? Login to your account and within minutes your menu can be updated. Using digital menu boards ensures that your menu will always be up to date, no matter what change comes your way.

3. Daypart content 

Ever forget to change your menu from breakfast to lunch? Dayparting has you covered. Digital menu boards allow you to preset and schedule your content. Automated dayparting allows you to focus on running your restaurant instead of worrying about the content on the menu. .

4. Advertise seasonal promotions and specials

Digital menu boards enable you to schedule promotional content for seasonal specials as far in advance as you want. Advertise your Pumpkin Latte in the fall, your Gingerbread Cappuccino in the winter and your fruit smoothies in the summer. Updating is quick and easy, and you can instantly remove an item when it is no longer available. 

5. Easier upselling 

An image is worth a thousand words. Steaming garlic bread, fresh salad, a nice cold soda. Promoting high-margin items on a bright screen can help entice your customers to make additional purchases. With digital menu boards, you can feature any item you want in order to further drive sales. 

6. Eliminate the cost of printing and shipping new menus

While many of the benefits of digital menu boards revolve around increasing sales, using them can also save you money. How often do you currently update your menu?  Do you skip adding new items because you don’t want the cost of printing and installing new menus? Digital menus can be updated at no cost, and if a typo accidentally slips thru, you can quickly and easily correct it. Oh, and don’t forget about the environment. Creating less waste is always great for reducing your carbon footprint.  

7. Streamline the order process

By displaying an image of your BBQ bacon cheeseburger, hungry diners are likely to make a quick decision. A static menu’s hodge-podge of words, however, may leave them searching the multitude of burger options even as they step up to order. Suddenly it’s time for them to order, and they either hold up your line as they search, or they order the first thing they see. Now either your speed of service has been decreased, or a customer ordered an item that doesn’t leave them with an experience they want to repeat.  

On the other hand, if your customers get to the front of the line craving an item they have been staring at, everyone has a shorter wait and your establishment starts living up to its name as a “fast” casual restaurant.

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– Submitted by Jeff Sheerin, Marketing