Just before the Fourth of July holiday weekend, our downtown Austin office gathered for an acoustic performance from local favorites, The Deer. The four piece (consisting of Grace Park, Jesse Dalton, Michael McCleod and Alan Eckert) could not have been nicer or more excited to play for our Music Design and Licensing teams, as well as the rest of our music-loving employees.

With their thoughtful lyrics, strong harmonies and captivating instrumentation filling the halls of Mood, The Deer gathered a larger crowd than usual. They started their set with “Farther” from their latest release, On the Essence of the Indomitable Spirit. Next was a song entitled “Army Ants” from the band’s debut album, An Argument for Observation, which contained a pretty rockin’ upright bass solo. I believe that was the first one we’ve seen in our lobby! After a rousing round of applause, the band shared an unreleased track, called “Winter to Pry” and written by Jesse Dalton. The song has been recorded but they’re hanging onto it for their next EP. It was gorgeous and we can’t wait to hear the polished version. After a fun anecdote about stalking (and how it sometimes leads to marriage!), The Deer finished their set with “All the Leaping,” another song from their debut album.

The band then took a bow (literally) and were gracious enough to talk with and sign albums for our employees. We suspect The Deer will see many familiar faces from Mood when they play next Tuesday (7/7) at The Wine Down at ACL Live. It’s sure to be an amazing show, as Grace promised the addition of electric guitars and keyboards for an even stronger sound.

The Deer

After they packed up, the band went next door to the Mean Eyed Cat…and we wish we could’ve gone with them.

– Submitted by Jessica Reed, Social Media