As Australian indie-pop band, Cub Sport, rounded the last leg of their current Europe and US tour, they stopped in to our San Diego office for an intimate showcase.

The Brisbane-based four-piece, consisting of Tim Nelson (lead vocals/keyboards), Zoe Davis (guitar/vocals), Sam Netterfield (keyboards/vocals) and Dan Puusaari (drums), played three songs off their debut full-length, This Is Our Vice (Nettwerk).

Cub Sport

As the band opened with “I Can’t Save You” (a personal favorite of mine), shimmering synth lines and gorgeous vocal hooks echoed throughout the office walls. Tim then crooned “Stay” to a captive crowd, rounding out the showcase with “Come On Mess Me Up.”

(Fun fact: Tim later described how he had smeared paint on his face to create the green screen effect you see.)

That evening, the Music Design team was treated to Cub Sport’s fully plugged-in set at the House of Blues San Diego. Their harmonies were tight, and Tim’s dynamic vocals floated effortlessly over the band’s solid instrumentation. Just awesome!

Cub Sport

Cub Sport is currently featured on many of our Custom and Core music programs.

Cub Sport

– Submitted by Carly Grimm, Music Design