We had the fine privilege of having a couple of cool and talented bands come visit us in our Charlotte office in June.

CRUISR, from Philadelphia, has been on tour with Bleachers and stopped by to play a few songs for our Music Designers. The band makes peppy indie pop music with contagious hooks. Check out more from CRUISR HERE.

Also visiting us was Great Peacock from Nashville, TN. Great Peacock plays beautifully soulful, folk-influenced pop. Check them out HERE.

Great Peacock

We hope to have more emerging bands to report on every month. Right now, bands are coming through and playing straightforward unplugged versions of their best. Can’t wait for them to be able to plug in soon.

Thanks to Shoplifter for making this happen and thank you CRUISR and Great Peacock for taking time out to pay us a visit!

We love it!

– Submitted by Anida Gurlit, Music Design