For months I’d waited for the announcement of a US tour of up and coming UK artist Star Slinger (Darren Williams) so naturally when the tickets went on sale I immediately scooped up a set. The setting was at Beauty Bar here in Austin; a cozy, personal venue that puts the artists within high fiving distance. This was Star Slingers first US tour and was joined by Mux Mool and Shigeto. I hadn’t heard of either of them so I went in without reservations.

Star Slinger

First up, Shigeto. This guy blew me away! Imagine listening to an hour long [Adult Swim] bump and then watching a guy pound out phat beats on a kit all while pounding out on his MPC. I just kept thinking “WHAT?!?! Did he just? YES!! GOD YES!!” If you’re in the mood for some music to zone out to, Shigeto’s your man. Hopefully he’ll swing back by for SXSW 2012. Next up, Mux Mool. His set started out a little slow, but from what I understand he’d just got of a red-eye flight from Brooklyn so no foul. After he got the juices flowing though, it was nothin’ but net.

And then we came to our main attraction. First track up was his new single featuring Reggie B, Dumbin’. It’s such a blast to watch him improv off his tracks. He played a selection of his older stuff as well as his wicked remix of Childish Gambino [Donald Glover]’s Freaks and Geeks. It was nothing but sweet enveloping dub. The night ended up with a stage rush while he played a hilariously peculiar version of Punch Drunk Love. Star Slinger continues his US tour through November 5th, so if he’s rolling through your town check him out! If not, here’s a couple video’s I shot at the show. Also, download his new single available for free at! Enjoy!

– Submitted by Reid Walker, Audio Engineer