Live Series: William Harries Graham at Whip In (Season 3)

On Thursday, August 8th, the Mood team met our friends from Austin Music Foundation at Whip In for an afternoon of music (and beverages) at our second Mood Live of Season 3! This time, we showcased AMF Artist Development Program participant William Harries Graham. It...
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Interview: Devon Gilfillian

Nashville-based artist, Devon Gilfillian, was recently traveling through Texas and wanted to stop by for a "meet and greet" of sorts with our team. After taking a tour of our office and visiting with a few of our music-loving employees, Devon and his manager Jon Smalt...
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Day In The Life Of A Mood Sound Designer: A Sonic Logo Project

7:26 AM: The office is dark, and the hallways are quiet. After a 4AM workout, breakfast, and an hour in Austin traffic, I’ve finally made it to work. A handful of others are in the building and all you hear is the overhead music from the break room. It’s peaceful. No...
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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Discoveries of 2018

Our Music Designer's inboxes are filled to the brim with emails introducing new artists and promoting upcoming releases from labels Mood works closely with. Emails are also coming in from independent artists that submit their music in hopes of being included on our...

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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Albums of 2018

Earlier this week, we shared the Music Designer's favorite songs of 2018. Now, we turn our attention to the records they spun the most this year. Unlike the team's song lists, there's actually a bit of crossover in their choices. The album that received the most...

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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Songs of 2018

It's safe to say that our Music Designers consume more music than the average listener. That's why, as each year comes to a close, we love to ask our team to list their favorites from the past 12 months. First, we'll concentrate on the songs that stood out in 2018....

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10 Reasons Why CCTV Security is Crucial for your Business

One of the most cost-effective ways to provide security in the workplace is with the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). CCTV allows businesses to lower cost and risk by protecting their assets with continuous and seamless monitoring of their facilities. These...

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Intern’s Perspective: From the Outside Looking In

Interning at Mood Media has changed the way I shop. Working with the Music Design team has opened my eyes to the world of in-store media solutions. As an avid shopper, lover of brands, and fan of brick-and-mortar stores, I thought I had a grasp on the shopping...

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