Features to look for in a Digital Menu Board

One of the best ways for a restaurant or café to connect with their customers and influence ordering behaviors is by using digital menu boards instead of a static menu board. Digital menu board communication is currently the trendiest and most efficient way to...
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Sound: How Music for Business Affects Consumer Behavior

If you’ve ever walked into a retail store and wondered why certain music is playing, there may, in fact, be some rhyme and reason to the selection. Research has shown that consumers shop longer and make more purchases when they’re exposed to music. You can use music...
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Live Series: Western Youth at Opal Divine’s Austin Grill

Just like that, our second season of Mood Live is over. We've had an amazing time showcasing an array of Austin's top talent (courtesy of our friends at the Austin Music Foundation) in our new home at Opal Divine's Austin Grill. On Tuesday, October 2nd, we ended the...
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Live Series: Otis Wilkins at Opal Divine’s Austin Grill

On Tuesday, September 11th, our Austin team enjoyed a happy hour set from Otis Wilkins at Opal Divine's Austin Grill for our fifth Mood Live of the season. You may recognize him as the lead singer for beloved local rock band, Otis the Destroyer, but as Otis Wilkins...

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Beyond the Top 40: Songs of Summer 2018

As summer draws to a close, we reflect on the great new songs we’ve been programming this season. You won't find these songs dominating the Top 40 charts like the ones featured on most "Songs of Summer" lists. We strive to create a more interesting playlist than those...

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Live Series: Aaron Stephens at Opal Divine’s Austin Grill

We continued our second season of Mood Live on August 7th, with a soulful performance from Aaron Stephens at Opal Divine's Austin Grill. Because Austin Music Foundation (our presenting partners for the series) had recently named Aaron Stephens their "Artist of the...

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Sessions: In Real Life and Maddie Poppe

Our San Diego office was treated to a special unplugged back-to-back showcase this week with In Real Life and recent American Idol winner, Maddie Poppe! These artists are currently on the 40+ city American Idol: Live! 2018 summer tour, which features the top 7...

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Sound: How to Create an Irresistible Restaurant Music Experience

“We want music that conveys irresistible good taste.”   That was the request from a current restaurant client that came to us looking for a custom music program.  It’s a fair request – because after all, if you’re the owner of a full-service or quick serve restaurant,...

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