Sight: Screens for Every Application

It is important to spend time with our vendors to collectively develop new business opportunities that provide a win-win for all involved parties. From Mood's perspective, it's important to continue to foster our relationships with best-in-class hardware providers, as...
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Sight: Pushing the Limits with Partnerships

Mood is fortunate to work with many great industry partners and vendors in the digital signage space. We never want to remain stagnant, and we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and digital transformations. Since we are the global leader of in-store...
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Sight: Trends from Digital Signage Expo (DSE)

DSE stands for the Digital Signage Expo, and it’s one of the largest industry events of the year. Typically held in Las Vegas, hardware, software, content, and systems vendors flock to sin city to share their latest and greatest digital signage offering.  Each year,...
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Using Scent Marketing for Your Business

For many years, businesses have employed sensory branding to enhance the shopping experience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately influence shoppers to purchase. Sensory experiences such as music, in-store ad messages and digital signage with stunning and...

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Lessons from a Music Design Intern

When it was time to start looking for a college internship, I scrolled through my university’s online resources and did a double take. There it was: an opportunity to learn from the Music Design team in Mood Media’s Austin office. Let’s rewind. Music has always been a...

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Sight: 7 Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Benefit Your Business

Digital menu boards do so much more than simply wow your guests – they offer a variety of benefits that can go a long way for your business. We’ve laid out seven of the most important advantages of this great solution that you’ll want to know.  1. Easy compliance with...

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Sound: How Music for Business Affects Consumer Behavior

If you’ve ever walked into a retail store and wondered why certain music is playing, there may, in fact, be some rhyme and reason to the selection. Research has shown that consumers shop longer and make more purchases when they’re exposed to music. You can use music...

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Sight: Features to look for in a Digital Signage Solution

Technology companies spend a lot of time throwing spaghetti to the wall to see what sticks. For instance, Apple releases a major iOS update every year to grant users more settings to play around with, all the while distancing itself from other smartphone operating...

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