Day In The Life Of A Mood Sound Designer: A Sonic Logo Project

7:26 AM: The office is dark, and the hallways are quiet. After a 4AM workout, breakfast, and an hour in Austin traffic, I’ve finally made it to work. A handful of others are in the building and all you hear is the overhead music from the break room. It’s peaceful. No...
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Live Series: Sydney Wright at Whip In (Season 3)

Mood Live, presented by Mood Media and Austin Music Foundation, is back for another season! We're thrilled to continue our support of the local music community by showcasing artists from AMF's Artist Development Program (now in its third year) and featuring their...
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Tastes Your Ears Crave: Choosing Music For Restaurants

Before DJing and working for myself, I waited tables. I waited many tables in all kinds of restaurants, from Mom-and-Pop pizza joints to steakhouses to fine-dining, break-out-the-bread-crumber type establishments. When determining the type of music that would best set...
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Sight: Pushing the Limits with Partnerships

Mood is fortunate to work with many great industry partners and vendors in the digital signage space. We never want to remain stagnant, and we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and digital transformations. Since we are the global leader of in-store...

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Sight: Trends from Digital Signage Expo (DSE)

DSE stands for the Digital Signage Expo, and it’s one of the largest industry events of the year. Typically held in Las Vegas, hardware, software, content, and systems vendors flock to sin city to share their latest and greatest digital signage offering.  Each year,...

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How to Make the Most of Your Fast Food TV

The other day I dined in at a local quick-service restaurant for lunch – and about two bites into my sandwich I began to get a not-so-good taste in my mouth. No, it wasn’t the ketchup, and the chicken was cooked fine. My repulsion had to do with what I heard on the...

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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Discoveries of 2018

Our Music Designer's inboxes are filled to the brim with emails introducing new artists and promoting upcoming releases from labels Mood works closely with. Emails are also coming in from independent artists that submit their music in hopes of being included on our...

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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Albums of 2018

Earlier this week, we shared the Music Designer's favorite songs of 2018. Now, we turn our attention to the records they spun the most this year. Unlike the team's song lists, there's actually a bit of crossover in their choices. The album that received the most...

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