Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Discoveries of 2018

Our Music Designer's inboxes are filled to the brim with emails introducing new artists and promoting upcoming releases from labels Mood works closely with. Emails are also coming in from independent artists that submit their music in hopes of being included on our...
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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Albums of 2018

Earlier this week, we shared the Music Designer's favorite songs of 2018. Now, we turn our attention to the records they spun the most this year. Unlike the team's song lists, there's actually a bit of crossover in their choices. The album that received the most...
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Best of: Music Design’s Favorite Songs of 2018

It's safe to say that our Music Designers consume more music than the average listener. That's why, as each year comes to a close, we love to ask our team to list their favorites from the past 12 months. First, we'll concentrate on the songs that stood out in 2018....
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Sight: Features to look for in a Digital Menu Board

One of the best ways for a restaurant or café to connect with their customers and influence ordering behaviors is by using digital menu boards instead of a static menu board. Digital menu board communication is currently the trendiest and most efficient way to...

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Using Scent Marketing for Your Business

For many years, businesses have employed sensory branding to enhance the shopping experience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately influence shoppers to purchase. Sensory experiences such as music, in-store ad messages and digital signage with stunning and...

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Lessons from a Music Design Intern

When it was time to start looking for a college internship, I scrolled through my university’s online resources and did a double take. There it was: an opportunity to learn from the Music Design team in Mood Media’s Austin office. Let’s rewind. Music has always been a...

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Sight: 7 Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Benefit Your Business

Digital menu boards do so much more than simply wow your guests – they offer a variety of benefits that can go a long way for your business. We’ve laid out seven of the most important advantages of this great solution that you’ll want to know.  1. Easy compliance with...

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Sound: How Music for Business Affects Consumer Behavior

If you’ve ever walked into a retail store and wondered why certain music is playing, there may, in fact, be some rhyme and reason to the selection. Research has shown that consumers shop longer and make more purchases when they’re exposed to music. You can use music...

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