How cool would it be to make a movie? How cool would it be to pick out the music for that movie and have artists begging to be on the soundtrack? Well for Zach Braff….he has done both and does so again with his new movie Wish I Was Here, released on July 18th.

Wish I Was Here

He started off his soundtrack magic with the film Garden State (2004), stating that the music he picked for that soundtrack was the songs that best described his life while writing the screenplay. The soundtrack went on to win a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture in 2005. In 2006 came the film, The Last Kiss, and, again, Braff handpicked the tunes. That soundtrack didn’t win a Grammy, but it did receive great reviews.

One artist that appeared on the Garden State sound track showed up again in The Last Kiss. Coldplay offered up “Don’t Panic” for Garden State and “Warning Sign” for The Last Kiss. It seems that Zach Braff is a Chris Martin fan, because in Wish I Was Here, Martin teams up with Cat Power for the title track. Braff continues to stick to his guns and has The Shins provide another tune (as they did with Garden State) with, “So Now What,” which is the first song on the soundtrack and appears in the movie trailer. Bon Iver has never teamed up with Braff for any of his other movies, but here he shows up twice with the fan favorite “Holocene” and a new track “Heavenly Father.” That is just a taste. Other artists include, Paul Simon, The Weepies, Hozier, The Head and The Heart, and even Jump Little Children makes an appearance.

With all these soundtracks it can safely be said that Braff is a fan of Eclectic Indie Rock and Adult Alternative. If you are too, take a listen to the Wish I Was Here soundtrack. You can click HERE to stream the soundtrack along with commentary from Zach Braff.

– Submitted by Jonathan Wash, Product Delivery