Steve Martin and Edie Brickell released a collaboration album in April of 2013 entitled Love Has Come For You. The combination of Martin’s expertise with a banjo and Brickell’s singing and songwriting talent has created a truly harmonious album. The majority of the album focuses on Brickell’s singing with only a couple of the songs adding Martin’s vocals, all accompanied by Martin’s banjo. The songs on the album ranged from an up-tempo beat to a slower steady rhythm and every one of them flowed easily from one track to the next. Themes ranged from love to friendship to hope and even to hate. The performance that Brickell gives feels genuine and not at all forced. When added to Martin’s nimble fingers on a banjo everything flows together like two streams joining to become one strong river. Seeing Martin and Brickell as they tour through the US is something that I would definitely not pass up.

These songs would work well in country themed restaurants and bars (or just bars in general). The clientele at such places would most likely enjoy the accompanying music to their dinner or conversation to be banjo bluegrass music and this album definitely fits the bill. Even if they were not to notice the music playing, the songs themselves promote a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that wouldn’t disturb someone’s conversation.

– Submitted by Jacob Pajda, Audio Engineering