Ever since I was a little kid watching countless reruns of Classic Trek, I have been enamored with the music throughout the run; both in its skill as a composition and in the placement within the show itself.  Well, after quite a wait, something I never ever thought would be released recently has: Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection.

A majority of the music featured in this set has never been released and, of that, a fairly large percentage is music no one has ever heard because it was written and recorded for the show but never was actually featured in the episode.

“Trek was always about the human condition” remarks Co-Executive Album Producer Matt Verboys. “And the scores have that in it and I think that’s what has made both the show and the music timeless.”

For more information about Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection, visit www.lalalandrecords.com.

– Submitted by Jim Fisher, Music Design