New is an overrated concept, especially when it is used in reference to “new music.” Despite the fact that every day the ground for innovation and evolution gets smaller, there’s always room for one more. The new “new” in Mexican electronica comes from the oddest of combinations… Regional Mexicano + beats = Tribal.

After years of countless efforts, Mexican mainstream radio demonstrates to be much tougher than the rest of the continent and almost Reggaeton-proof. Yes, Wisin & Yandel and other major players had some hits, but today, different than the charts in almost all countries in the region, there is not one Reggaeton song in the top ten lists in any of the biggest radio stations in Mexico.

That does not mean Mexico is different. To know where this comes from we need to check more serious electronic projects such as Nortec Collective and Fussible. They are the fathers, but Toy Selecta (producer and formerly from Control Machete) discovered the kids from 3BallMTY (Tribal Monterrey) and in two years, what started as a small group of teens with decks and beats wearing Tejano hats and “botas puntudas” (Pointy Boots), has become a full style with big names such as Raul and Mexia, DJ Otto, El Bebeto, 3BallMTY, Los Hijos del Señor. I have to say that Tribal sound is new, fresh and fun. Those three ingredients are key to any good programing.

As Music and Experience Designers, we need to be ready for this and every emerging genre that comes. it doesn’t matter if is something that comes from the past or genuinely “new.” There is always room for more and for “new.” We don’t ever want our clients to get stuck in the loop of “the same music repeatedly.” This new sounds gives us the chance to expose our clients to the latest frenzy and keep them up to date on the hottest sounds for the summer.

Hasta la vista…

– Submitted by Juan Pablo Restrepo, Music Design