Matt Pond’s The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand was released on February 5th, making it the first to be released solely under Pond’s name (he had formerly released albums under the name Matt Pond PA). Anticipated by many, Pond’s latest album fully incorporates his deeply personal, honest, and emotional singer/songwriter lyrics along with the use of various instruments, including the cello, drums, keyboard, and acoustic guitar, to create a unique musical experience for the listener. With his upbeat instrumentals, Pond successfully creates a sense of musical movement which urges the listener to move and dance along with each song. This movement is prevalent throughout the album, due in part (as Pond revealed) to his inability to move after he suffered a broken leg while on his last tour.  The first single from his new album, “Love To Get Used,” illustrates Pond’s quest for self-discovery and a path for his life. Pond accompanies his intimate thoughts and personal issues with catchy choruses that somehow manage to further their importance rather than take away from the depth. You can listen to the single below, or stream a few of the songs from the new album at Pond’s website.

– Submitted by Hayden Launius, Music Design