At first listen,¬†Just Kids may sound like any other album these days ¬†with catchy melodies and electro-pop beats, but, at the core, this album is an autobiographical look into singer Mat Kearney’s life.

In an age of music where the charts are filled with repetitive themes and beats, Just Kids is a refreshing reminder that music can be fun to listen to and still be thoughtful in content. The 80’s/90’s inspiration well-documented throughout the album only adds to the appeal and is completely on trend – just look at Taylor Swift’s 1989!

This album is also perfect for so many different types of clients. The pop element of the tracks on the album work so well for the youth-inspired brands, with catchy syncopated rhythms and big sweeping melodic hooks – they bring an added energy to a retail space.

The tracks on the album that have more of the spoken word element reminiscent of Kearney’s early works, align well with brands that have a little more of an edge and are seeking a sound that is a departure from the traditional Top 40/AC charts.

Take a listen to one of the tracks off the new album below:

– Submitted by Janica Chang, Music Design