Without question, Martin Garrix, a remarkable young Dutch producer and now superstar, has already made his mark on the global EDM scene with the release of “Animals.” “Animals” is a ‘big room’ house track released back in 2013 that had little to say lyrically but made crowds bounce as a result of his chosen hard rhythm and production. Martin’s seemingly instant success and stardom could have come and gone without a blink.

Martin Garrix

Apparent to myself, and soon to the world, “Animals” was only the beginning. Get ready for the return of what will be an even larger than life success for this young teen. His new release offers a solid vocal from none other than Usher. “Don’t Look Down” is set to skyrocket to the top in a massive way, and while the use of noteworthy vocal talents is nothing new to the producers of dance music, it continues to be a recipe for crossing over dance music, bridging what once was considered underground with mainstream pop.

If your brand’s target market is a youthful, energetic, active teen into their twenties this one is a solid. This track is now playing on Mood’s Core program, Strobe.

Martin Garrix with surprise appearance from Usher at the ULTRA Music Festival 2015:

BONUS: Actress and musician, Janina Gavankar, recently re-imagined “Don’t Look Down,” performing the song alongside a 50 person Drum and Bugle Corps.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design