Kuba Oms returns after a two year life experience and delivers a solid mix of pure pop and crossover electronic movers. His new album title (ADHD) came about as Kuba realized his own personal challenges with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, something he didn’t identify until adulthood.

Kuba Oms

My first introduction to Kuba Oms was back in 2011 with the discovery of his single release of “Electrolove”, a one-off Kuba successfully wrote as a compelling dance-electronic track. Totally infectious, hands-in-air, feel-good music. Think Jason Mraz meets Jamiroquai. More than 100 radio stations across Canada supported the single. I was so impressed by this work from a fairly unknown singer songwriter.

Kuba Oms is a Vancouver Island, Victoria BC native who’s been struggling to break-out in a big way. Now after working two years on the new album, he’s set to begin a power-performance tour.

Song picks include:
“My Love (Radio Edit)”
“Beautiful Uncertainty” [a solid EDM crossover production]
“This Is Love”
“Velvet Revolution” [like MUSE, but more pop]
“Baby, Hold On To Your Dreams” [power ballad]

His music will appeal to a 18-35 demographic with solid feminine appeal and can be experienced via Mood Core concepts such as Love Songs and Songbook. Click here to visit his website to learn more.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design