So far, only a few people have been given the opportunity to listen to Colombian singer Juanes’ new full-length album, entitled Loco de Amor (which means crazy in love). Among those privileged, and this is one of the perks that once in while you enjoy as Music Designer, are myself and Eric Martinez from the Music Design team here in Miami. On that day, we sat down in a conference room and let the music “do the talking”, so to speak.

The title of Juanes’ new album, Loco de Amor, reflects his mood. He is positive about the outcome of the sessions he had recorded for the album with Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel, Travis, The La’s) and Emanuel “Meme” del Real from Café Tacuba. The album’s eleven tracks whirl around the concept of love. Each one has its own statement. The promotional cut “La Luz” (The Light), is an upbeat hymn that bonds African rhythms, rock and some killer beats. The song has a strong message, declaring that love can help you get over all hardships in your life. Another of my favorites is “Delirio” (Delirious), a classic break up song that talks about honesty and the end of relationships. My absolute favorite is “La Verdad” (The Truth), a masterpiece that evokes Juanes’ first years when he blended the sound of the popular music from his native Medellín with rock. The song also shows his musical progression, adding an infectious arrangement on keyboards that gives a rare and crazy sound to his music.


No doubt that Loco de Amor will be one of the music highlights of 2014.

– Submitted by Juan Pablo Restrepo, Music Design